SikuliX1 Downloads

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Version 1.1.4 (currently nightly builds only - snapshot versions)

This version was built at 2019-09-17_07:10 (Build 381)

Mandatory for Linux users - recommended for all: Be sure you had a look at the more detailed information here

Things that have been fixed

Edit and run scripts with the SikuliX IDE

Download the ready to use sikulix.jar (SikuliX IDE)

Just download, move it to a folder of your choice and doubleclick to run it.
An alternative to run it is from commandline using
java -jar path-to/sikulix.jar

Needed for scripting support in the IDE and running scripts from commandline

The Jython interpreter 2.7.1 for python scripting (the default)

The JRuby interpreter 9.x for ruby scripting

Download what you prefer or both to the same folder as you have your sikulix.jar.
They will be recognized by SikuliX at the next start and moved to the SikuliX's extension folder.
So preferably download before using the IDE the first time.

Use the SikuliX features in Java programming or Java aware environments

Download the ready to use sikulixapi.jar

This artefact is for use on a Java classpath or for Java programming in mature IDEs as library jar.
For Maven/Gradle projects the coordinates are com.sikulix::sikulixapi::1.1.4-SNAPSHOT
Find the latest artefacts in the snapshot repo on OSSRH (repository url:

Download sikulixapi-sources.jar

Versions up to 1.1.3 (no longer supported)

Download SikuliX 1.1.3 setup

Download SikuliX 1.1.2 setup